What a Tension week!!

Finally i can rest my self over the weekend at my sweet home.. last week is totally my tension week & I hate it b’cos it makes me sooo streesful!! 😦 On Wednesday i got an exam and it was my 1st final exam paper that is creative thinking subject. if u hear it, its like an easy paper rite? but ok laa i guess.. hopefully i can past the paper. besides that i need to complete the project report for that subject and, the group leader is sooo anoyying!! damn!! luckily we manage to finish it by the due date given. so afta this i got one more project left that is web programming project. i have to do the project with one of my group member name mat. His very cool & nice guy. we have to present the project on 22nd on Wednesday i guess. Need to work extra hard on this project b’cos i need the extra marks to support my final examination 🙂 I still have 3 more exams paper left and that is islamic studies,web programming & software enginering. So anything i will update the blog later when ever i get the chance orait guys.. Chow!! 😛

– alepinho87 –


~ by alepinho87 on October 19, 2008.

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