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Today i got a presentation for my web programming subject at 9am and finish’d at 10am. I’ve not been sleeping for few days to settle this project until today, the last day before our presentation day with my group member Mat a.k.a group leader. So far all of the work in the project being done by me and mat. Our group have members and the 3rd member is baizura. I’m so glad that the presentation is over and now i can focus more on my final exam starting next week 😦 Demn!! Hope still got time to relax and enjoy my day i guess..hehe 😛 chiaww..

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Tiempo Super Ligera

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Nike Tiempo Super Ligera

Introducing the new Nike football boot and how did the Nike Tiempo Super Ligera come about and, some might say, why did it come about?

As it happens, the football boot isn’t aimed at the European player, nor the American market. Instead, it’s been produced for the Asian market and in particular, the Japanese Bukatsu player.

Nike Tiempo Super Ligera 1

Designed by Doug Wilken, the Tiempo Super Ligera brings two worlds of performance together in a lightweight yet durable football boots.

When it came to the design of the Tiempo Super Ligera , Wilken was keen to find out first hand about the needs of the player. So, through focus meetings conducted with Japanese Bukatsu groups, he learned that these players needed — and wanted — a boot that was lightweight and soft. However, by studying wear tests Wilken was able to assess something else that they needed — durability.

For the Japanese bukatsu player who plays from dawn to dusk, football is everything. And they play primarily on hard fields made of coarse, packed dirt, which is especially tough on their football boots.

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What a Tension week!!

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Finally i can rest my self over the weekend at my sweet home.. last week is totally my tension week & I hate it b’cos it makes me sooo streesful!! 😦 On Wednesday i got an exam and it was my 1st final exam paper that is creative thinking subject. if u hear it, its like an easy paper rite? but ok laa i guess.. hopefully i can past the paper. besides that i need to complete the project report for that subject and, the group leader is sooo anoyying!! damn!! luckily we manage to finish it by the due date given. so afta this i got one more project left that is web programming project. i have to do the project with one of my group member name mat. His very cool & nice guy. we have to present the project on 22nd on Wednesday i guess. Need to work extra hard on this project b’cos i need the extra marks to support my final examination 🙂 I still have 3 more exams paper left and that is islamic studies,web programming & software enginering. So anything i will update the blog later when ever i get the chance orait guys.. Chow!! 😛

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Seriously tho, I want this jersey so bad..haha. Hope i can afford to buy it 😀


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We introduced the Ronaldinho DOIS football boot last week, which got a mixed review. Here are some new images, including an out of shape Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho looks to be at a crossroads in his career. It would seem that Barcelona are looking to cash in on him, with AC Milan and Manchester City, both UEFA Cup competitors, chasing his signature.

His form has been poor and rumours of living a lifestyle inappropriate for the former World Player of the Year, look to be true based on his physique.

Despite all that, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, as his mother named him, has launched his new football boot.

The Ronaldinho DOIS has had mixed reviews from the Footy Boots community. Emails and comments have been both praising and slating this new football boot. Take a look at these new images and make up your own minds.

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Super Skill Nike5

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Nike5 Super Skill

The new Nike5 Super Skill is designed for players who have the ability to make the ball stick to their foot and speed to leave the marker with the blink of an eye. Nike5 Super Skill has everything a futsal player needs to control a game.

Nike 5

Nike5 Super Skill has a few technological innovations like the “turning points” on the sole designed to give more traction when the player is executing a move, the insole has a Zoom Air shock absorption system and a rubber upper to increase accuracy when shooting.

The Nike5 Super Skill was launched together with an amateur Futsal competition that will take place between the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro called The Battle of the Courts (A Batalha das Quadras).

The special thing about this competition is that will be held in public courts and use a 10 by 2 format. Not well known in Europe, the format sees each match last for 10 minutes or two goals. The team that scores two goals first stay on the court and another team comes on to challenge them.

Guess What??My future Kakak ipar got new Baby!!

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Im not sure around what time laa, but i know its at evening where my gf told me that her sister just give birth to a baby BOY 😀 yay!! that mean im gonna be uncle!!(not official yet :P). But who cares rite..haha. Its gonna be fun for the family bcos it is the 1st grandchild for my future sister in laws parents 🙂 Hope the baby will bring joy and happiness to the family..Amin!! 😀