Super Skill Nike5

Nike5 Super Skill

The new Nike5 Super Skill is designed for players who have the ability to make the ball stick to their foot and speed to leave the marker with the blink of an eye. Nike5 Super Skill has everything a futsal player needs to control a game.

Nike 5

Nike5 Super Skill has a few technological innovations like the “turning points” on the sole designed to give more traction when the player is executing a move, the insole has a Zoom Air shock absorption system and a rubber upper to increase accuracy when shooting.

The Nike5 Super Skill was launched together with an amateur Futsal competition that will take place between the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro called The Battle of the Courts (A Batalha das Quadras).

The special thing about this competition is that will be held in public courts and use a 10 by 2 format. Not well known in Europe, the format sees each match last for 10 minutes or two goals. The team that scores two goals first stay on the court and another team comes on to challenge them.


~ by alepinho87 on October 10, 2008.

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