Reminder: Happy Earth Day!!

Hey Guys. I know that we’re now in the month of “May” 😀 The reason i post this is because, i just want to remind all of you about our lovely earth day once more.

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day and 20 million people celebrated. 38 years later it is estimated that 1 billion people around the world are expected to do something to observe Earth Day.

“Earth Day is all things to all people. It’s a symbolic representative of the desire for everything we need to do to respect how we treat the earth,” says Frank Maisano, an energy-industry spokesman in Washington.

Celebrate, get involved, let’s enjoy and take care of the earth where we live. Here are some easy ways to help you get started…

Exchange your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. Twenty percent of the electricity consumed in the United States is for lighting. Using fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent lights reduces energy and saves you more money than an ordinary bulb over the course of its lifetime.

Adjust your exterior lights so that they only light the ground beneath them and never shine across onto a neighboring property or into the night sky.

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Turn off the lights before leaving a room, home or office. This simple task will save energy and save you money.

Help wildlife and turn off or at least lower your exterior lights for the sake of all creatures that frequent the night. Light pollution—the luminous orange glow that haloes cities and suburbs—threatens wildlife by disrupting biological rhythms and otherwise interfering with the behavior of nocturnal animals.

The most important step to becoming a good environmental steward is to keep your momentum going. Small, everyday actions can contribute to a more “green” life for you and your family and can encourage others to follow your footsteps.

April 22nd – Happy Earth Day

Some of the tips that might help you


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