Chef that I love the most is…

Jamie Oliver


James Trevor “Jamie” Oliver, was born on the 27 May 1975, and grew up in Clavering, Essex, where his parents owned a pub-restaurant, “The Cricketers”. From an early age Oliver helped in the pub kitchen; by the time he was 11, he was adept at vegetable preparation and could chop “like a demon”. In 1989, Oliver formed the band Scarlet Division with friend Leigh Haggerwood, in which he was the drummer. Between the ages of 11 and 16 he attended Newport Free Grammar School in Essex. At age 16, he then attended Westminster Catering College and then studied in France, before returning to London to work as head pastry chef for Antonio Carluccio at The Neal Street Restaurant. After The Neal Street Restaurant, Oliver worked for Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers at the River Café for three and a half years; Oliver credits Gray and Rogers with teaching him to create the fresh and simple food which would become his signature. When the producer Patricia Llewellyn arrived to film “An Italian Christmas” at the River Cafe, she spotted Oliver. Llewellyn already had a proven eye for culinary talent as it was she who recognised that Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson-Wright would gel together, and now she was looking for someone who could cook, yet whose image would be different from the stars of The Two Fat Ladies. She put Oliver in front of a camera and told him to stay natural, the result of which was the cookery programme, The Naked Chef.[6] Two highly successful seasons of “The Naked Chef” were filmed in 1998 and 1999. The popular series brought Oliver worldwide fame, and more television programmes and book deals followed. As of 2007, Oliver had seven additional television series and ten books to his name.

In 2005 Jamie Oliver received the prestigious Beacon Fellowship Prize for his contribution to disadvantaged young people, offering training and practical experience in the catering industry.

One of his book

Television Shows

The Naked Chef (1998-1999) was Oliver’s first series. The title was a reference to the simplicity of Oliver’s recipes, and has nothing to do with nudity. Oliver has frequently admitted that he wasn’t entirely happy with the title, which was devised by producer Patricia Llewellyn. (In the UK edit of the show, the opening titles include a clip of him telling an unseen questioner, “No way! It’s not me, it’s the food!”) The success of the programme led to the books Return of the Naked Chef and Happy Days with the Naked Chef.

Jamie’s Kitchen was a 2002 documentary series. It followed chef Jamie Oliver as he attempted to train a group of disadvantaged youth, who would – if they completed the course – be offered jobs at Oliver’s new restaurant Fifteen. This was followed by Return to Jamie’s Kitchen in 2003.

Jamie’s Kitchen Australia was a 2006 television series, similar to Jamie’s kitchen, that was based in and aired in Australia.

Jamie’s School Dinners (2005) was a 4-episode documentary series. Oliver took responsibility for running the kitchen meals in Kidbrooke School, Greenwich, for a year. Disgusted by the unhealthy fare being served to schoolchildren and the lack of healthy alternatives on offer, Oliver began a campaign to improve the standard of Britain’s school meals. Public awareness was raised, and, subsequent to Oliver’s efforts, the UK Government pledged to spend £280m on school dinners (spread over three years). Tony Blair himself acknowledged that this was a result of Oliver’s campaign. Following the success of the campaign, Oliver was named “Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005” in the Channel 4 Political Awards 2006. During the school dinners programme, Oliver’s Fifteen London was visited by Bill Clinton. Clinton asked to see Oliver; however, Oliver refused, as Clinton’s party had asked for other diners to be removed to make room for their larger-than-agreed-upon group. In episode 2 of Jamie’s School Dinners, Clinton’s party had 36 show up for a booking of 16 and many of them were on a South Beach Diet and did not want the special menu that had been prepared, even though the menu had been approved in advance. [11]

Jamie’s Great Escape (also known as Jamie’s Great Italian Escape), a travelogue series, was first broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK in October 2005.

Jamie’s Return To School Dinners

Jamie’s Chef (2007) continues where Jamie’s Kitchen left off. Five years and fifty trainees later, Oliver’s most recent series aims to help the winning trainee establish their own restaurant at The Cock, a pub near Braintree in Essex. The charitable Fifteen Foundation retains ownership of the property and has provided a £125,000 loan for the winner, Aaron Craze, to refurbish the establishment.

Jamie at Home (2007) featured Jamie presenting home-style recipes and gardening tips, with many ingredients coming from his substantial home garden.

Jamie at Home Christmas special (2007)

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners ( 2008 ) A special with Jamie backing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall‘s “Hugh’s Chicken Run” in trying to get the British to eat free-range chickens

Oliver’s programmes are shown in over 40 countries, including the USA’s Food Network. Oliver’s Twist and “Pukka Tukka” picked up where “The Naked Chef” left off.


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  1. mat, aku pon ske chef nie.slalu tengok rancangan dia dekat astro.xik0t, tp if ada, tengok.dia masak simple je

  2. yay!

    aku ade geng…hehe 🙂

    die trbaaaaek mat!

  3. huhu alip bila nak masak utk aku?

  4. haaaa ko xpnh tgk & rase aku msk lg kn2?


    ape yg ko nk aku msk?tp bg yg senang2 la mat 😛

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