David Beckham’s Gold Adidas Predator PowerSwerve Football Boots


So Beck’s was granted his 100th cap and as you would expect from the King of Bling when it comes to football boots, he strutted, well he cantered in a nice sparkling pair of Gold football boots, courtesy of Adidas.

Before the game, ardent football boot watchers may have felt deflated, Beckham was warming up at the Stade de France in white PowerSwerve football boots with gold trim – his run of the mill football boots from the DB collection.

But cometh the hour, cometh the photo opportunity!

Beckham certainly didn’t let us down, coming out for the match sporting an embroidered shirt with 100th cap on the chest and yes, sporting a pristine pair of Gold Boots. Golden boots for GoldenBalls.

Having checked with the footy boots head boot geek, we can confirm that Beckham’s Gold Boots are no different to his normal Predator PowerSwerve that is of course apart from the colour. Adidas have made just two pairs of Beckham’s Gold Boots, with 100th cap embroidered on the tongue to commemorate his achievement.

Like Zidane’s football boots in the 2006 World Cup, Beckham’s Gold football boots will not be made available for sale by Adidas.


3 Cheers for David Beckham!!


Warming up boot

David Beckham debuts the Predator Absolute Globe football boot

German football boot supremo Adidas have announced that David Beckham will be officially unveiling his new football boots in his first game for new club LA Galaxy against Chelsea on July 21st. The new Adidas football boots have been specially designed for Beckham, and in recognition to Beckham’s global reach, exposure and marketing power, the new football boots will be called Adidas +Predator Absolute Globe. The football boot is already on sale as the Adidas Predator Absolute DB Swerve, and the name “adjustment” is testament to the expected impact and activity of Beckham’s arrival in the States as part of his expected $250 million, 5 year deal.

The Adidas +Predator® Absolute “Globe” is a part of the 7th generation of Predator® football boots exclusively designed and developed with and for David Beckham, featuring a uniquely created map graphic which symbolizes the global impact that David Beckham brought to every single corner of the football world.

Verdict: Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore Beckham, and his marketing power is immense. But can he bring “soccer” to the Amercian masses, and succeed where legends such as Pele and Best failed? Adidas clearly believe he can – We think the task is too big even for a superstar like Beckham, as we are not convinced that one player can carry a whole league to a country of 300 million!


~ by alepinho87 on April 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “BECKHAM’S GOLD BOOTS!!”

  1. pokemon….
    semart lahanat….
    nk stu sial…

  2. the golden boots will actually be for sale on in less than a month

    P.O.BOX TT 60

  4. Some of these pairs are released, I reserved my pairs… differences between mine and his are that the embroiderings on his tongue is different as well as SG vs FG

  5. hey could you send me an email with a cheap pair of all gold cleats come out thanks

  6. wow therereallynice ive got them

  7. there well smart man!

  8. beck it not gud for the england squad. wallcott and swp rule the winger

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