Girls & Womens… [update]

Hey Girls! This is a column for you guys that i try to make. Hope each topics that i hav can help you guys little bit in some ways aite! if they did thats awesome & i hope you can enjoy it more than i do. So make sure you Guys keep update to my blog okay! Cheers!


Your bwauty problems – Solved

My under eye circles are out of control. How do I make them go away?

You can’t. For the most part, dark under eye circles are hereditary. But there are ways to make them seem much less obvious! Getting enough sleep and drinking a lot of water works wonders in combating dark circles. Once those habits are established, get a yellow-based cream concealer to counteract the blue tones in your skin. Dab the concealer in a “half-moon” shape from the inner corners of your eyes to underneath them. To brighten your eyes even more, dot a white, nude, or pale pink (like the model pictured above) shadow or liner with shimmer near your tearducts.

What are the things that make u Happy in life?

Too often I have heard people say if I get a certain car I will be content, or if I get my dream house I will be happy. Some have even gone further and proclaimed that if they get through school, get the perfect job, marry Mr. Right, have children, they too will be content. But life does not guarantee us these things. We as individuals never seem to be happy, no matter what we achieve. There is always something we want or something we long to change in our lives.

But I believe as we get older and wiser, we learn to be more accepting of ourselves — what we do and who we are. I had to stop worrying about superficial things in order to appreciate the beauty of my life. So tell me-are you content and what makes you happy?

10 things you think guys care about, but they don’t!

There are a lot of things guys care about, like Buffalo wings, sports, video games, cheese (yes, cheese!), baseball hats — and, yeah, we also care about girls: how often you call, what your friends say about us, and (secretly) if you like our hair. But then there are the other things about you — the ones we don’t give a hoot about. So if you’re spending time worrying about any of this stuff, please stop. Because the truth is, we don’t care…

…that you cut a centimeter off your hair. Guys are pretty observant. Like, if you suddenly chop off all of your hair, we’ll notice. But we probably won’t notice a trim. It’s not that you don’t look great with your new haircut, it’s just that to us a haircut means a pretty obvious shave with clippers — not “an inch off the bottom to get rid of split ends.” Heck, we don’t really even know what a split end is.

…if your room is messy. We get it. You woke up late and had to hurry out. And you sometimes leave clothes lying around for weeks. Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen a guy’s room? Okay, then! The fact is, clean rooms always get dirty again. So trying to keep things spotless is futile. We get it.

…about the color on your fingernails and/or toenails. What you do with your nails is just about as far from our orbit of interests as you can get. The only way we’re going to start caring about your nails is if you stop cutting them and they get so long that they start curling in on themselves. That would be gross.

…what you bought at the mall last weekend. You know when your guy calls and is like, “Babe! I got a 100 percent in Guitar Hero and I used star power and…” then you glaze over? That’s pretty much how we feel about your shopping adventures. The majority of girls aren’t interested in video games; the majority of guys aren’t into the mall.

…how weird your parents are. Everyone has nerdy, embarrassing, lame parents. Even the “cool” parents are embarrassing. So don’t freak if your dad decides to do the “pull my finger” gag from time to time, or if your mom wears flower-print stirrup pants around the house. None of that is going to change how we feel about you.

…how much you sweat. Sure, sweating isn’t awesome, but it’s something people do; it’s not something you can control. Believe it or not, we do know that you’re human — and that means you’re not always going to look picture-perfect. And we accept that. (B.O. is a different story.)

…what you wear to the gym. Here’s what we wear to the gym: dirty shorts, old shoes, and a shirt … maybe. So feel free to leave the expensive sweats and makeup for J.Lo. It’s hot that you like to stay in shape. So if you get all ready and primped for the gym, it’s almost a turnoff — it makes it seem like you’re going there to be seen, not to work out. Plus, it screams “high-maintenance.” Not good.

…about shoes. I can’t think of something guys care less about than shoes. In terms of the order in which we notice what you’re wearing, shoes are dead last. Unless you’re wearing Uggs. Those are hideous. Guys don’t want to date girls who look like they’ve just gone mammoth hunting with their cave-girl friends.

…which celebrities you find attractive. Most of us will never make it onto the pages of CosmoGIRL! no matter what we pay for haircuts and jeans (and we’re not willing to pay much for that stuff). So when you gush over the celebridudes you find attractive, it’s only a cruel reminder that we will never look like them, and that you wish we did.

…what you order at dinner. If you want a double cheeseburger, please don’t order a salad for our sake. There’s something attractive about a girl who eats what she wants. If a guy does ditch you for chowing down, you don’t want him anyway. Do you really want to be self-conscious around your boyfriend? I don’t think so!

The celebs have their say!

3 Things We Do Care About…

CATTINESS: “I don’t like when girls talk bad about other girls. It gets so ugly!” —Bryan Greenberg, October Road

NAIL BITING: “Some of my girlfriends are obsessed with biting their fingernail cuticles. It absolutely disgusts me. It’s the most rancid habit!” —Eddie Redmayne, The Other Boleyn Girl

CIGARETTES: “The only thing that turns me off is smokers.” —Chris Brown

Lean in a little closer, CG!s These guys want to whisper in your ear what they love most about you!

”You know that a girl is really special if you don’t have to work at talking to her. Like, when you meet someone and hours later you look at your watch and say, ‘Wow! Have we actually been talking for that long?’” —Zac Efron, High School Musical 2

”What’s not to love about women? They’re lovely, articulate, and sexy. It all works for me!” —Nick Cannon, American Son

”It really gets me when a girl sits on the couch and curls her toes up underneath her sweatpants, either because she’s insecure about them or because she’s cold. It sounds silly, but that kind of thing really attracts me.” —Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill

“I love it when a girl tells me I look good even if I hadn’t showered in four or five days. I don’t know if I believe it, but I just go with it.” —Ryan Ross, Panic! At the Disco

”I like girls who’ve got a little bit of sass, a little less conversation, and a little more action, and who knows how to wear a full-length dress. It makes them seem more lithe. I like L-I-T-H-E.” —Michael Cera, Juno

The meaning of each words that comes from a “Girl or Women”

Actually, between Boys & Girls there are differences from the aspect of understanding
& communication.Many of us didn’t realize especially Boys or Mens. Boys & Mens like us should understand and invastigate what is the meaning of wordss that keep playing in Girls or Women mind.. Check it out!

1. If they ask : Lawa ke budak pompuan tu?
Deep in her mind : Siapa yang paling lawa? I ke, budak pompuan tu?

2. If they ask : You dah makan ke belum?
Deep in her mind : Jom pi makan. Lapar ni!

3. If they say : Lawa-lawa la baju kat sini, yek.
Deep in her mind : Belikanlah untuk I.

4. If they say : Rasa macam nak pening la.
Deep in her mind : Tolong picit kepala.

5. If they say : Letihnya hari ni. Mana nak masak, basuh kain-baju lagi…
Deep in her mind : Kita makan kat luar jelah. Lepas tu, tolong basuh kain-baju

6. If they ask : Kita lebih sesuai berkawan saja.
Deep in her mind : I tak nak kat you. Tak paham-paham ke?

7. If they ask : I suka berkawan dengan you. You baik, memahami bla bla bla…
Deep in her mind : Hish… I rasa macam minat sesangat kat you la. Rasa macam nak
jadi awek you je.

8. If they ask : You pernah tak teringatkan awek you yang dulu?
Deep in her mind : Kalau nak gaduh, kalau berani sangat, sebut la nama dia depan aku.

9. If they say : I sanggup berkorban demi kebahagiaan you.
Deep in her mind : Amboi! Aku kena berkorban. Habih, hangpa dua ekoq gak yang seronok.

10. If they say : I tak kisah kalau memang betul you nak kahwin lagi satu. Asalkan you
berterus-terang dengan I, bersikap jujur dan berlaku adil.
Deep in her mind : Sapa kata aku tak kisah? Adil ke tak adil, aku tak kira! Langkah
mayat aku dulu sebelum nak menikah lagi satu.

This is just an example alrite. but, it really happens in real situation rite if
you don’t believe me lah.. Try to ask either your Gf or anyone if is it rite or not?Cheers!mate :p


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