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– She, Herself & Ownself –

Hey guys. I’ve a Gf name yaya or so call’d my ‘little miss magic’ laa..hehe. She’s cute, kind & lovely person & i love her byk2 lah klau bleh xmo stop!..hihi. i know her since sekolah lg n ‘Kami'[the episode] cet!lari tajuk plk..Haaa kiteorg dlu nie sekolah dkt2 jer. Me, Myself & I skewl dkt St.john(KL) & She, Herself & Ownself skewl kt CBN(bkt.nanas).pling best ape tau,nk dpt minah sorng nie laa kn, it took me 7 yrs Ooooo[trkejut x?]. gler la kn the ‘gap’ utk dptkn dier pnye lah lame mcm xde org laen jer kt sekolah tu kn? but time tu aku dh pk [cirit or die] situation dah..adeii. But for me it worth more than you can imagine la mat! Seriously no lies!

When im with her[yaya], i learn a lot of things which evry guys in da world should learn when, they’re with their close partners[girlfriend] that,loving,caring, & supporting each other is a wonderfull thing that can happen in a relationship. Yeah, sometimes u hav a big fight but it doesn’t mean that ur relationship is over. You must learn to adapt ‘new’ things in ur life in many ways. The more i be with her,the more i learn new things. Basically aku ‘Untung’ lah kn ade Gf mcm dier nie. All of us must remember that, the more we make mistakes in our life, the more we will learn through it! Believe me, all of you will agree with me that mybe your parents or old people’s had said it to you before this rite? But, ade certain peeps never had fight with their partners n that makes them so boring n wanted to carik gadoh with their partners plak? Apa sudey jadi nie kn.. Haa itu laen cite mat.

Funny la kn how other people think with their own ways..haha. Apa2 pun if you hav a problem or big-Big problem, n you can find a good solution to solve it, thats ok. And hope that you can solve it in a proper & better ways with your partner so that everything you plan is going exactly the way you want it n “Try” to be cool & jgn trlampau temper sgt2..hehe. To hav someone special n To love her is not ‘Easy’ wey! you must do a lot things n sacrifices. Like sacrifice your “time”. If we are talking bout time what i meant is,time to spent with her lah kn.. Sometimes if n i mean ‘if’ you’re really2 busy,that didn’t mean you don’t hav another time to hangout with her rite? “Try lah” find a way to free yourself n spent time with ur love ones aite! so korng nye chikas tak ada la bowink sgt2.. Another ‘BIG’ sacrifices alwys keep disturbing in a good relationship is “MONEY”. Im talking about your so call’d “Green little paper” arr fellas..

Yeah, sometimes tu mmg la kne sacrifies “ckit” our money, but doesn’t mean you have to spend all of them when you’re with her all the time. You hav to balance the way you spend the “cash” or orang Malay said “tong-tong” lah kn?haha.. Especially Guys lah,if talking about money ade jer reason or excuse yg. pelik2 to tell the Gf just to save them self from being spend their pocket money to her..Wakakaka! “But!” if Girls,certain of them didn’t mine to spend some of the money they got to their Bf b’cos, thats what we call “LOVE” or “Sayang Punya pasal” lah.. Haa tapi don’t laa take advantage from that ok! The opposite way plak, some of the BF’s & Gf’s brkira sgt2 psl duit nie. That want laen nye story lah kn..huhu. The thing is, like I[weird Al] said it before that you will learn more much throughout your experience in your life and “hopefully” in the future we can be a better person@boyfriend to your partner@girlfriend..Aminnn!!


~ by alepinho87 on March 24, 2008.

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