10 things U must know bout weird a.L.e.E.p?


# im a Happy Go-Lucky Person.Yeah! dats Me alrtite.

# simple or sempoi gitu2 la.

# Love 2 make friends with other people out there yg x ‘Hipoptemuskrit’.

# Hav a Lovely Family & Gf back in Key Ell & not 4get to my lovely cat evr Tom ‘amin’.

# Mmg Crazy bout HOCKEY n keep on playing untill past out or nyawa2 ikan la org kate.

# Like 2 sleep bile time dh xde ade bnde nk uat or sometimes shut down dgn sendiri nya ‘unik tu’.

# Love 2 disturb people/freinds when got nothing to do or got things to do also.

# Hav friends dat can be trust,helpful,supportive & alwys be there for u when u need them ‘klau depa free lah’.

# sometimes can be a true listener when u got a problem & sometimes tu jus masuk telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri.

# love 2 make people laugh & happy all the time.


~ by alepinho87 on March 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “10 things U must know bout weird a.L.e.E.p?”

  1. ahahaha.love 2 disturb tu, dulu ko slalu usik pendi kan.ahahaha

  2. awww…sweet of u okayhh..my name there…n us till remember my wordss:P

  3. salah komen plak..salah entry nokss!

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